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Special Presentation

Sometimes there is a special event which needs to stand alone from all else. An event which is significant in celebrating the life of a special person. BlackDog Memories has therefore put together such a Package to remember an occasion of sentiment.

Memorial Tribute
21st Birthday
Graduation from School or University
50th Wedding Anniversary
80th Birthday
Any number of occasions which demand a Special Presentation

The Special Presentation package features a combination of video, photos/slides, quotes, favourite sayings, text, favourite music, memorabilia and anything else which can be scanned to add to the final production. Music is of your choice and special effects will be added where it is most appropriate.

The Special Presentation Package can be used on the day of the occasion or to remember the life of a special person or as a memorial tribute.

During the memorial service and as a gift for family members and close friends
Playing in the background during the 21st party
Sharing with guests the celebration of 50 years as husband and wife
A life story to celebrate with family and friends

The occasions are limited only by what you regard as a Special Presentation. As this Package will be the length of one DVD of approximately 60 minutes or less, (dependant upon the amount of data you provide) it has a set price of $320.00.

Up to 20 copies can be provided for $30.00 per DVD, which includes the same quality DVD case, printed cover and printed DVD as the original.

BlackDog Memories understands that if this package is for a Memorial Tribute there will be a need for a quick production. This will not lower the quality or standard of your final product, but we do request all data be available as soon as possible in order for BlackDog Memories to have your Special Presentation completed prior to the day required.