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Are your family/holiday photos sitting in a drawer or worse, left in a PVC album deteriorating by the minute? Are your 35mm slides sitting neglected in the slide projector in the back of the cupboard?

The Photographic/Slide Package ensures that your special photographs or 35mm slides are preserved onto an archival DVD and become a pleasure of sight and sound to watch.

BlackDog Memories take your photographic/slide selection and carefully scan each photo/slide individually. Once all have been processed, they are transferred to CD where they can then be printed from a lab and stored in safety. Alternatively, BlackDog Memories can turn your photographs into a DVD slideshow adding many creative ideas for wonderful viewing.

The following are added to create a visual panorama of the senses:

Title pages of each new event (if the photos are clearly labelled as such)
Menu Chapter Points of each new event
Transitions between photos (as decided by BlackDog Memories)
Background music to suit the theme of your photos
A clear top quality DVD case with up to four places for a series of DVDs. This means that all your World Trip DVDs will be in one case rather than a number of different ones.
A full colour printed case cover with selections from your final DVD and appropriate text.
Your DVD will be printed with similar details as your DVD case. We will never use stick on labels as they can jamb ups the works of your DVD player or peel off over time so you have no idea what is on your DVD. If the DVD lasts for 100 years you want to ensure that everyone knows what the contents of each DVD is.

Your special photos/slides will be a pleasure to view and share and you will no longer have to take the trouble to set up your antiquated slide projector to the groans of the family. Even the children will be happy to watch your family memories and share in the many stories you have to tell.